Aladdin (2019) อะลาดิน


Aladdin A street or a street urchin from the Arabian town of Agrabah meets his monkey Abu. Jasmine has fled her life of safety in the palace and is now an orphaned street-urchin . Jasmine wants to succeed her father’s position as Sultan but is instead expected to marry one of her royal heirs, like the charming, but dimwitted Prince Anders. Jafar is the grand vicar, plans to overthrow Sultan and seeks a magical light hidden within the Cave of Wonders. However, only the “diamond in rough” can be allowed to enter the cave.

Jafar’s pet parrot Iago observes Aladdin and Abu sneaking into the palace of the royal family and visiting Jasmine. Jafar then captures Aladdin. He promises to create Aladdin wealthy enough to impress Jasmine in exchange for stealing the lamp. He also advises him to not take anything else. Inside the cave Aladdin unlocks a magic carpet and discovers the lamp, however Abu cannot resist touching some valuable objects, causing the cave to collapse. Aladdin gives the lamp to Jafar who kicks Abu and then double cross the man. Abu then steals the lamp.

In the cave, Aladdin rubs the lamp, unwittingly summoning the omnipotent Genie inside, who tells him that he is able to grant Aladdin three wishes. Aladdin gets them out of the cave without using the wish due to the basis that he did not rub the lamp in the way he had stated his wish. Determined to woo Jasmine and win her heart, he makes his first official wish to become a prince, and promises to make his third wish in order to release the Genie from servitude and transform him human.

Aladdin is awe-inspiringly present at Agrabah as “Prince Ali of Ababwa” However, he struggles to impress Jasmine. The Genie plays the role of Aladdin’s human servant and is in love with Dalia, Jasmine’s handmaiden. Aladdin and Jasmine have a connection when the Genie takes Jasmine on a ride on the magic carpet. Tricked into revealing his true identity, he deceives herby claiming that he’s actually a prince and dressed like the peasant in order to visit Agrabah.

Jafar discovers the identity of Aladdin, and throws him into the palace moat and is aware that if he does survive the moat, it will prove that that he is the lamp. The Genie rescues Aladdin and he is able to fulfill the second time he has wished for. After being rescued, Aladdin returns to the palace and destroys Jafar’s magic cobra staff which ends his power over the Sultan, and also uncovering his plan. Jafar is arrested and taken to the dungeons. The Sultan allows Aladdin to marry Jasmine. Aladdin goes back on his pledge to free the Genie, feeling uncertain of being able to keep his character without him. The Genie is disappointed that his master wants to live a lie and then retreats to his lamp.

Jafar is freed by Iago and receives the Genie’s lamp. Jafar uses his first wish to become sultan however, Jasmine keeps the palace guards of their true loyalty, turning their backs against Jafar. Jafar makes his second wish of becoming the world’s most powerful wizard to bring down Aladdin and then exile him and Abu to an unfrozen desert. Jasmine and Jasmine are detained together with Jasmine’s pet Tiger Rajah. Jasmine threatens to kill Dalia and the Sultan in the event that Jasmine is not married to him. In the wedding, Jasmine rescues the lamp from Jafar and leaps onto the magic carpet to escape together with Aladdin and Abu, who had been taken away from the frozen wastelands by the magic carpet, following the Genie sent it behind Jafar’s back. Chased by Iago who Jafar briefly transformed into the form of a roc and Jafar with a storm and sand twister Aladdin and Jasmine are captured and the magical carpet is destroyed.

Aladdin ridicules Jafar for not being Genie’s second-most powerful Jafar, and convinces Jafar to grant his final wish to become “the most powerful beings on earth” that the Genie will grant. This transforms Jafar into an incredibly powerful Genie. Jafar is trapped inside his lamp and is dragged Iago and Iago to the Cave of Wonders. Abu rescues the magic carpet , and Genie makes it work again. Aladdin makes good on his promise and surrenders his final wish to free the Genie. He lets him to be an adult. The Sultan is crowned Jasmine the new sultana- regnant who is no longer bound to marry a prince as she and Aladdin are married. Dalia is married to the Genie and they have an entire family. They also travel the world together and become the mariner who tells their kids about Aladdin in the beginning.


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